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Laser Marking


  • Max Marking Area:
    Standard 163 FL Lens: 4.33" x 35" (with auto x axis)
    Optional 100 FL Lens: 2.15" x 35" (with auto x axis)
    Optional 254 FL Lens: 6.89" x 35"(with auto x axis)
  • Machine Footprint: 54"W (less monitor swing arm) x 38"D x 77"H
  • Max Workpiece:
    163 fl lens:
  • Factory set:Up to 18.5"H x 44"W x28"D
  • User Adjustable:47"H x 44"W x 20"D
  • 254 fl lens:
  • Factory set: Up to 13.5"H x 44"W x28"D
  • User Adjustable: 42"H x 44" W x 20"D
  • Laser Power: 10Watt standard, Optional 20W-100W
  • Laser Type: IPG, SPI, or any laser source of your choosing
  • Wavelength: 1064 - 1090nm Depending on Model
  • kHz: 0- 1000kHz depending on machine model
  • Electrical Requirements: 110VAC (15 Amps)
  • Scan Head: LMT Digital Scan Head
  • Warranty: 3 years on IPG and SPI laser source (see warranty terms)

Direct Part Marking Laser Marking Machine Click image below

Laser marking machine

Why the COBALT® XL?

COBALT® XL - From Crate to Production Laser Marking in Less Than 5 Minutes!!

COBALT® XL Signature Series

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Easy to Use Automation Features Sharp, High Contrast, Impact Free High Speed Galvo Steering
Compact 100,000 Hrs Laser Lifetime 2 Year Warranty
Turnkey System Permanent Marking Air Cooled/Energy Efficient
Tunable Pulse Rate Environmentally Friendly/No Consumable Digital I/O for Easy Operation
Fast Set-Up Red Laser Pointer


True Type Fonts Single Stroke Fonts Elliptical Text
Sequential Serial Numbers Customizable Auto Dating Bar codes
QR Codes and Data Matrix UID Wizard Logos
Photo Quality Images - JPG, TIF, GIF Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator Raster Graphics
Vector Graphics CAD Files  


Stainless Steel Steel Aluminum, Carbide
Nickel Titanium Cast Iron
Chrome Painted Metal Alloys Multi-Coated Metals
Plastics/Rubber Back-lit Buttons Polycarbonate
PVC Composites Many more materials